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Brand Story

The EmbPower brand came into existence in 2014 as a professional brand established by SPARKLE in an effort to promote intelligent green energy by starting out from environmental protection and energy conservation, to gradually be integrated as a part of smart cities, smart homes and smart factories. EmbPower products are featured in common day-to-day equipment such as vending machines, home security surveillance systems and even production automation at manufacturing facilities that emphasize premise safety. The demand for graphic processing applications is ubiquitous and it will take high speed parallel computing in order to accommodate massive graphic processing. Having started out as a graphic card manufacturer, EMBPOWER has gradually extended its product application to an assortment of smart products that consumers are constantly exposed to in their daily lives. EmbPower has taken one step further to integrate the high-speed computing performance of GPU to extend the scope of its product to military, aerospace applications and medical equipment that require higher image rendering technologies. Encompassing different domains including national defense, consumer day-to-day application and medical care for all citizens, the need for ever more sophisticated GPGPU parallel processing architecture is widespread and pervasive. EmbPower shall take on broader perspectives and deliver more diverse products and services to delve further into all aspects of your daily lifestyle.

Forging core competitive advantages with a grasp of key technologies

World-class R&D team that insists on the highest quality and technological innovation
EMBPOWER takes pride in its core technologies from SPARKLE in the development and manufacturing of graphic cards that have enabled the company to overcome even the most difficult visual computing and high performance challenges. With substantial improvements to product quality and reduced costs, EMBPOWER delivers graphic cards of better computing performance, flexibility and reliability for desktop PCs and high-end PCs.

Creating win-win international collaborations by leveraging a highly integrated industry chain

EMBPOWER has managed to achieve vertical and horizontal integration of supply chain resources and maintained close to two decades of long lasting relationships with numerous well-known international IT companies in the upper supply chain to create comprehensive competitive advantages. In addition, due to EMBPOWER’s (SPARKLE) status as NVIDIA’s global tier-one partner, this vital partnership enables EMBPOWER (SPARKLE) to be the first to launch new products and accelerate the processes of global launch.

Management philosophy and vision
“Innovative leadership and excellent reliability” defines EMBPOWER’s core corporate philosophy. Guided by these principles, EMBPOWER shall aggressively develop core technologies, create innovative designs, ensure quality control and develop a diverse range of products to fulfilling the company’s commitment of better serving consumers while further developing Taiwan by bridging to the international industries and staying abreast with the latest global trends.