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Medical Imaging

In the field of modern medical practice, medical imaging has emerged as a vital component. Relevant technologies such as the definitive transfer protocol of DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) and PACS (Picture archiving and communication system that has been designed specifically for workstations and network systems intended for the storage, access, transfer and display of medical imaging) have stringent standards and definitions that call for high-speed processing, high reliability storage, transfer and computing of data. Nevertheless, high-speed computing remains an inseparable component of medical imaging and display technologies used for front-end medical practices to ensure more precise presentation of images to better assist medical personnel. As such, GPU operation that enables parallel computer for CPU has become a fundamental part of medical imaging.

Embpower’s outstanding graphic card design is based on NVIDIA’s powerful CUDA processing computing technologies and a computing design platform that fully utilizes the multiple cores of GPGPU – NVIDIA graphic chip on OpenCL. Supporting up to a stunning resolution of 4K x 2K (4 times higher than standard Full HD graphics) and 10 bits color depth, SPARKLE’s medical imaging graphic card solution offers realistic images with a higher degree of readability that allows medical personnel to see images more clearly. Featuring MXM graphic card module design (MXM 3.0 slot required), the solution is suited for highly portable mobile devices and embedded systems such as notebook PCs or AIO systems and Slim PC systems installed on medication trolleys. Solutions with ATX Low Profile card design are intended for smaller systems that require lower power consumption and high performance parallel computing power.

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