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Military and Aerospace

The US Department of Defense cancelled Instruction 5000.5X in 1984, and in the late 1980s, the US Military adopted reinforced COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) components. In the era of explosively high-speed computing, the scene of “high performance computing” was going through a revolution, thanks to the advancement of general purpose computing technologies of graphic processing units (GPGPU – General Purpose computing GPU). This meant that GPGPU would eventually replace the CPU’s role in the area of computing operations with its high performance parallel computing power. Ideal software development environments, such as NVIDIA’s CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) and OpenCL enable programmers to make full use of parallel processing with the multicore GPGPU platform to develop the required software more quickly. 

Embpower's outstanding graphic card design is based on NVIDIA’s powerful CUDA processing computing technologies and a computing design platform that fully utilizes the multiple cores of GPGPU – NVIDIA graphic chip on OpenCL. Regardless of its application, be it military radar detection, military personnel backpack or aerospace operations, the platform offers NVIDIA chipset’s exceptional parallel computing capabilities under adverse operating environments susceptible to intense vibrations to further accentuate its stability and high-performance computing power. For MXM version 3.0 designs, the graphic card is suited for military mobile devices with MXM 3.0 slots that require high performance, low power consumption and prolonged usage in order to extend the battery life of military mobile devices and embedded systems. As for the design of graphic cards for StackPC and PCIe/104 platforms, SPARKLE’s solution may be deployed for systems that require smaller dimensions in limited physical space. Such solutions adequately reflect SPARKLE’s expertise and design capabilities in its utilization of NVIDIA graphic card technologies.


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