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Multi-monitor tile display and multi-screen independent display command substantial demand in the market for digital signage and gaming slot machine. SPARKLE’s outstanding graphic card design is based on NVIDIA’s powerful CUDA processing computing technologies and a computing design platform that fully utilizes the multiple cores of GPGPU – NVIDIA graphic chip on OpenCL. The use of a single VHDCI connector offers the options for a tile display with multiple displays and multi-card displays with VDHCI to 4 CRT, VHDCI to 4 HDMI, VHDCI to 4 DP and so forth. In terms of physical design, the solution opts for a Low Profile design to accommodate the needs for energy-saving, high performance display over extended periods of operating time. Solutions with the MXM design are also suited for embedded systems (with MXM 3.0 slot) intended for multi-screen, multi-card display. Each graphic card can drive up to four independent displays; multiple MXM card setup even supports up to 16-screen tile display without compromising the features of energy saving and performance.

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