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Industrial Automation

In the domain of industrial control, PC Based solutions have threatened and gradually replaced the leading status of the PLC in industrial control applications with their strengths of numerous applications and smaller form factors. For visual recognition and control operations, PC Based solutions are also gradually muscling out PLC (i.e., machine image recognition to replace human visual recognition in repeated production cycles to improve product quality and facial recognition/motion detection for premise safety control in order to ensure safer home and workspace). All relevant processing behind the scenes require high-speed graphic computing. Further reduction of design lead time has been made possible due to the requirements for small form factor design (per definition standards of PC 104 and StackPC) for operations on faster platforms to achieve faster visual recognition and more convenient designs. Powered by NVIDIA’s CUDA parallel processing capabilities, users can expect substantial improvement in raw processing prowess from the solutions.

Embpower’s outstanding graphic card design is based on NVIDIA’s powerful CUDA processing computing technologies and a computing design platform that fully utilizes the multiple cores of GPGPU – NVIDIA graphic chip on OpenCL. Given PCIe/104’s specifications for smaller designs, SPARKLE’s solutions not only help the CPU to optimize system computing power but also offers the option for multi-monitor display. Solutions with MXM design (MXM 3.0 slot required) deliver the advantages of lower power consumption and high-speed computing power for mobile devices and embedded systems. With regards to the strengths of PC Based systems (such as data analysis, network connectivity and statistics where PLC systems fall short) that offer ample support for ancillary technologies, better compatibility and greater ease of connection to administrator-level management software, integration with NVIDIA GPU CUDA’s superb parallel computing power will improve system performance by leaps and bounds. As for desktop system display card, SPARKLE also offers solutions of low power consumption, Low Profile dimensional design with ultra-high performance such as the latest GTX 750/750TI for users to choose from.

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